Airsoft Playing Fields – Examining the Different Types of Airsoft Fields You Can Do Battle On

There are a lot of different types of airsoft fields available for your battles to take place on. There are open ares like woods and fields, indoor close quarter and simulated urban combat areas.Even obstacle courses are becoming a popular option.

Picking the right airsoft field really comes down to knowing the type of battle you want to engage in then match it to the proper field.There is a big difference from field type to field type and the people who own the property also play an important role. If you or your group are interested in going to one of these sites there are a few key things you should be aware of when it comes to the operation of these battlefields.

The first thing is that during an air soft battle stress,tension and sometimes tempers run high. But no matter how heated the battle gets you must remember you are on someone else property and you must treat it with respect.Even though you are on someone else land you are responsible for your own safety gear and proper behavior.

Refrain from cursing or other negative behavior towards the operators of the field.You must respect them and their decisions and if they call you out wait until after the battle to respectfully voice and disagreement. In the end they are just trying to do a good job and keep the game running smoothly.

If you are a beginner most good fields should have someone on staff that can help you with any questions you may have about the guns, ammunition allowed or overall general rules. This is similar to a good golf course and their pro shop. It will give you a place to get equipment or other things you may need to enjoy your day at the field. If they have a repair shop that makes it even better!

You may want to inquire before hand what the maximum allowed velocity is for that particular facility. For safety reasons many outdoor areas limit the FPS a gun can shoot to 350 FPS. This is to reduce injury or other damage from modified very powerful guns.

Sometimes they will instate a minimum shot distance instead of limiting FPS. The common safe distance if this is imposed is 20 feet or so. Again this is to reduce injury and damage! If you are inside doing close quarter battles you can expect a muzzle velocity limit of 250-300 FPS. This is much lower due to the closer distances between the combatants!

Most airsoft fields will make everyone fire their weapon through a chronograph before they are allowed onto the field in order to measure and verify the FPS of your weapon.

Another thing to consider is that many outdoor fields want players to use BB’s that are biodegradable so their land do not become polluted with little plastic balls, so always call ahead and ask! Although they are a little more money they are better for the environment! If you forget to bring biodegradable BB’s most fields sell them at a fair price.

You are also going to have to take their schedule of operations and price into consideration. After all they are providing you with a play area in order to make money like any good business does. Although make sure that they are not over priced and if you feel they are you can always try and negotiate a lower rate. If they sell equipment and you buy it from them they may even offer you a discount for being a good customer.

To find a local field just do a Google search for “airsoft field in your state” example “airsoft field in Illinois”! By keeping your state in the search title you will get much more targeted results! If you find an area that offers time for soft air battles you may find that it is private property or even an old golf course or warehouse.

If you cannot find a local are to do battle then you may want to go online and find an airsoft forum. These are usually full of enthusiasts who can hep you find the closest field to your location.

3 Reasons To Tell A Golf Ball Goodbye On The Course

Losing one golf ball is typical for many golfers over the course of 18 holes. Losing two balls is also common and can be a bit disappointing. Losing three balls or more officially qualifies as embarrassing and monetarily costly. To keep from giving unintended donations to the course, many folks often conduct hasty and ineffective searches for their ball, which can be streamlined and expedited by a few specific tips and some common sense. While looking for a lost golf ball is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about, here are three clear and present scenarios where you should immediately regard the golf ball as gone, thus allowing yourself to mentally and physically move on.

Making a Splash

After taking a moment to enjoy the calmness and beauty of a golf course pond or lake, many recreational golfers proceed to smack a ball or two into a watery grave. Unless the ball is literally on the edge of the water with part of the white sitting above the water line, it should be left alone. A ball buried only a few inches deep only a foot or two off the edge of the water may look like it is asking to be rescued, but soft lake bottoms and incredibly slippery algae and mud can cause accidents and ruin days much quicker than a lost ball. Balls should only be retrieved out of ponds and lakes by divers with scuba gear, which are often hired by the pro shop. This creates a sad situation where you will be able to buy your ball a second time from the used bin at the pro shop. Smart shoppers know that buying used balls online is a less expensive and more reliable method.

Wrong Side of the Fence

It can be very tempting to go over a climbable fence and snag a ball that is well within eyesight — especially when the ball has landed in a farm or other massive region where people are not present — but this should actually be avoided entirely. Golfers have told stories of finding random dangers such as bear traps, wild pigs and even rifle-wielding landowners while on the other side of fence. A man from upstate New York was recently shot with a BB gun by an overzealous rancher when he hopped a short barbed wire fence on the side of a par-5 and wandered onto private property to retrieve a badly hooked tee shot. While this is an isolated situation, it drives home the point that golf balls hit over fences and into marked off areas should be left alone. Besides, any ball that would run away from you and seek out the safety of a different owner should not have the honor of being tapped in for birdie.

Finding the Roughest Rough

This situation plagues golfers on every level of competition, including the PGA Tour. Golf courses all over the United States are lined with tall grasses that often begin only feet from the edges of fairways. Even with the benefit of having trained professionals waiting on fairways to identify and locate shots that land in major rough, professional players sometimes are unable to find their ball and forced to take a costly penalty stroke and drop. Recreational golfers that blast a shot into high grasses or other dense shrubbery are forced to take a wild guess at where the ball ended up before embarking on a long-shot search that is likely to lead to frustration, wasted time and interrupted rhythm. Let a ball that finds extreme rough rest in peace.

The Shocking Truth on Whether Collagen Protein Supplements Really Work

Pure collagen protein supplements are being marketed to relieve achy joints, help you lose weight, build muscle and improve the skin’s appearance. Sounds like something of a miracle drug, doesn’t it? There is very little evidence to support these claims.

In the latest report, the need for clinical trials was mentioned, because up to this point, there have only been pre-clinical trials. While there is no reason to believe that the supplements are not “safe”, there no real reason to believe that they are effective, either. Manufactures may have “jumped the gun” on this one.

The only real benefit of supplementing pure collagen protein is to increase your daily intake of amino acids, without increasing your calorie intake. There are however, more well-balanced supplements that include amino acids, vitamins, cofactors, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients.
There is another kind of supplement that has one study supporting its ability to increase the skin’s firmness. That study was conducted using omega3 fish oil. After three months of supplementation, researchers measured a 10% improvement in the skin’s firmness. That’s great, but wouldn’t a 42% improvement be better? Or, how about combining the two to get a 52% improvement?

There is a new line of anti-aging skincare products on the market that has clinical studies to back up the company claims. In less than three weeks of daily use, researchers measured a 42% improvement in firmness, a 27% improvement in moisture content, a 14% improvement in the skin’s ability to retain moisture and a 160% increase in skin cell proliferation.

The cream is really another nutritional supplement, but its one that you apply directly to your face and body. It contains protein, antioxidants, vitamins, coenzymes, essential fatty acids and nothing artificial. That might be the best news of all.

You know, your skin’s cells produce pure collagen protein or at least pro-collagens, which bind with other peptides to form fibrils. Bundles of fibrils form collagen/elastin fibers. The processes go on every day and night, throughout your life. They just slow down with age. But, it looks like we don’t just have to sit back and take it. We can do something about it.

By taking dietary supplements like resveratrol and using nourishing creams, it looks like we can reduce our risk of life threatening diseases, live to a ripe old age and look better while we are doing it.

I can’t recommend a pure collagen protein supplement. The protein would be broken down by the digestive system into its component amino acid parts. There are not many amino acids in collagens. The few that there are can also be synthesized by the body.

But, if you decide to buy one, remember that it’s not a miracle pill. It’s just another nutritional supplement.

When you shop for creams and lotions, look for natural products that are free of artificial preservatives and added fragrances. Treat them well and your skin’s cells will produce plenty of pure collagen protein, all by itself.

Visit my website to learn more about what really works so you can achieve a healthier more youthful looking skin.

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