The Pros and Cons of the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 and Ego 11 Paintball Guns

When it comes to purchasing paintball markers, there are many options available today. Two popular models among paintball aficionados include the Ego 11 and the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball gun.

Both of these guns are good options for those who are looking for a quality paintball marker at a reasonable price. Still, there are pros and cons associated with both guns. Therefore, before making any purchase, it is important to learn more about what each of these paintball guns has to offer.

Ego 11 paintball guns, which are manufactured by Planet Eclipse, have many pros to offer. For example, Planet Eclipse has taken steps to control the speed of the bolt in the marker so it can better handle brittle tournament paint. This also improves the feel of the gun while also reducing the sound signature.

Unfortunately, creating a more gentle acceleration and deceleration system also has its drawbacks. Namely, the tradeoff for a smoother feel is a slower cyclic speed. This, in turn, slows down the rate of fire. To address this issue, the paintball gun features twin flow control devices that allow you to tune the speed, rate and feel of the marker. The Ego 11 also features the Push On Purge System, or POPS system, which allows the marker to gas up and de-gas in just a fraction of a second and with very little effort.

Some additional features of the Ego 11 include:

* New, ergonomic frame design with a higher grip position
* ROF indicators
* Refill counters
* Audible beeper
* Timers
* Ability to connect to a PC (with the use of the optional E-Portal2 kit)

Clearly, the fact that users can adjust the Ego 11 paintball gun to suit their individual needs is the greatest benefit this marker has to offer. This also makes it a good choice for those who know what they are looking for in a gun. For those who do not need this same level of adjustability, the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball gun is a good option.

This marker comes with a spring-load drive core, which prevents air loss on the firing stroke and previously wasted air in the valve chamber. It also provides improved efficiency and faster recharge of the valve chamber by ensuring the chamber is fully sealed prior to refilling upon bolt return stroke.

The Geo 2.1 also offers an SL3 in-line regulator which is more accurate, consistent and provides faster recharge than in prior versions. It will also allow the Geo 2.1 to function with LP, MP or HP tanks equally with no variance in performance or velocity.In short, the Ego 11 and Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball guns are both good options for those who are looking for a quality paintball marker. Before making a purchase, however, it is always smart to do a bit of shopping around in order to find the marker that is right for you.

Used Paintball Guns

Used paintball guns, or refurbished guns, are considered a great deal, as they are available at competitive prices. Paintball gun, also known as paintball marker, is one of the primary devices used in paintball – an outdoor game. Hopper, tank, and barrel are some of the major components of a paintball gun. Firing systems employed in paintball guns include electro-pneumatic, mechanical, pump, and electro-mechanical. At present, a variety of paintball guns such as electronic, full-auto, pump, pistols, semi-auto, and stock guns are available in the market. Among the top names in the paintball gun industry are AirStar, Brass Eagle, Bruizer, Component Concepts Inc, and Diablo.

Paintball is an expensive game, and the price of a paintball gun varies according to its brand and model and firing systems employed. Usually, the price of a new paintball ranges from $150 to $1,800. Used paintball guns are a blessing for those players who are financially challenged. They are also ideal for beginners.

Nowadays, used paintball guns are in high demand because of its attractive features such as cost effectiveness, durability, and dependability. If an appropriate selection is made, used paintball guns can provide years of good service. The main advantage of used paintball guns is that they are lot cheaper than brand new ones. Sometimes, one can even acquire top quality paintball guns for half the price.

When buying used paintball equipment, it is necessary to check whether the manufacture is still in business and does servicing. It is always wise to purchase used paintball gun that is in good condition. Sometimes, people try to sell used paintball markers that cannot be reused. For instance, paintball guns powered by carbon-di-oxide pressure system cannot be reused. Hence, one should be very careful while purchasing a used paintball gun.

Most of the paintball pro-shops in the US carry a complete line of used paintball guns, which are in good working order. In addition, there are a number of auction and classified sites on the Web, providing online services to shop used paintball guns.