Paintball Gun Buying Tips

Want to avoid the mistakes your predecessors have made in buying their first (or even second) paintball gun? Many players have made hasty decisions when buying their gun and have ended up with some real buyer’s remorse. Well, below are some tips that will help you in choosing the gun that is right for you.

First, you must do your homework. Regardless of your price range you will be able to find several models to choose from. Study the paintball guns features so you can weigh their strengths and weaknesses. Plenty of websites exist with in-depth reviews of the different models-all from actual paintball players who have tested or bought the model. If more than one review is down on a certain model, be cautious and ask the sales person lots of questions.

Second, don’t buy a gun just because it looks cool. Looks are the first thing that may attract your attention, but don’t be fooled by a great looking exterior. Hold the gun. Make sure it is comfortable and not to heavy for you to handle. Also, look at gun. What is it made of? Metal? Plastic? It is obviously your preference; just make sure you know what you are getting.

Third, remember that you will need to maintain and clean this gun a lot. On the internet you can find most instruction manual for products. If you are really interested in a certain model, locate its instruction manual. Try to discern from the manual how difficult it will be to disassemble and reassemble. After every game you should clean your marker thorougly which includes taking it apart and cleaning. Also keep your own skill level in this department in mind.

Fourth, play the game a few times before you run out and buy a gun. Do you want an unused gun lying around? Of course you will love the sport, but what if you don’t? Play a few times and ask your fellow players how they like their own guns. Also, if you borrow or rent, take notice of what you are playing with. If you like it and are comfortable with it, you may want to purchase a similar model.

Fifth, be selective and smart when purchasing an aftermarket barrel. You may think from your limited knowledge and experience that a very long barrel is key for you to shoot straight. This is completely false. Well, not completely, but it is not totally true. Research has shown that a barrel that is 6 to 8 inches long is all that is required to stabilize your paintball. Pro players, however, usually stick with a paintball gun barrel that is 12 inches or 14 inches for staighter shooting. Keep in mind that a longer barrel will mean a heavier gun and more surface area to be hit by your opponent.

Sixth, if you are somewhat new to shooting a gun, stay away from a fully automatic and maybe even a semi-automatic weapon. You’ll end up waisting paintballs. But worse, you may find that you have less control of your paintball gun, which includes poor aim and shooting technique. Keep your experience level in mind when you are shopping. You can always upgrade your gun if you feel you are good enough to make the jump.

Again, most importantly really do your homework, whether it is on the net or with your buddies. Know the market and don’t be fooled by a salesperson with little knowledge. Now, have some confidence and go buy that gun.

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