Plastic Cap Guns VS Metal Cap Guns

Many questions arise when trying to purchase any type of toy gun, whether it be a Cap, AirSoft or BB gun. Should I get a metal or plastic cap gun? What the difference besides price? Does a plastic cap gun mean cheap? These are all great questions, so we asked our experts to find the pros and cons of each side. And guess what? You’ll have to keep reading to hear the differences between a toy gun made of plastic and one made of metal.

We always hear the common misconception that anything made of metal is always better. This isn’t necessarily true when it comes to cap guns. Plastic cap guns are actually the most popular and SAFEST type of toy guns on the market right now. Originally, cap guns were made of zinc alloy and cast iron but through the years manufacturers have turned to plastic material. Why plastic? It’s affordable and child friendly. And when I say affordable, I mean incredibly inexpensive by standard toy prices. Plastic is perfect for kids, teens and adults alike, because of their handheld entertainment, nostalgic memories and guaranteed safety for a reasonable price. The main disadvantage of going with plastic is how vulnerable it can be. Dropping it onto a hard surface can cause it to chip, crack or break which could end up ruining the gun. Unless you’re jumping out of speeding cars at 35 mph you should be fine playing around with a plastic cap gun.

When it comes to metal toy guns, the positives outweigh the negatives by far. Toy guns made of metal look and feel more realistic. Metal guns tend to fire caps louder than plastic cap guns, as well as reload easier. The biggest positive about buying a metal gun is the endurance and strength. Most toy guns get damaged or break due to being dropped, tossed, or thrown around, but with metal, you can literally let hyenas grab a hold of it without it breaking. The only major drawback from buying a metal toy gun is the price. Choosing a metal gun can range in prices from $20-$200.

Whether it be an Airsoft, cap gun or bb gun, finding the right one can be hard. People should compare prices and look at different shipping prices with online websites. A lot of times, shops will advertise their products at very cheap, low costs but hijack the shipping rate. Don’t be a fool.